"My team and I had the absolute pleasure of spending three days and two nights at Paperbark Camp on our annual staff retreat. This beautiful hideaway tucked away in a pristine pocket of Aussie heaven provided the perfect setting for everyone in our organisation to get together, take stock of our business and work out new strategies for the future. We held creative workshops and invited guest speakers to present to the team. The staff at Paperbark were unobtrusive yet incredibly attentive. Coffees, teas and freshly baked macadamia chocolate chip cookies would magically appear when energy levels started to lag. The restaurant lived up to its reputation - the food at every meal was superb! We felt very taken care of by all the staff. The safari tents were more than comfortable and we were visited by kangaroos and had campfires under the most amazing, clear, starry sky at night. We had the team building exercise of canoeing down the river together and having a picnic and going on walks through the wonderful bush landscape. We even helped our hosts plant their new, organic veggie patch! Although our visit was during the cool, crisp weather of Autumn we all felt full of warmth during our stay at Paperbark Camp."
- Jamie Durie

"Love and blessings to you all for taking such good care of me- and leaving one with a life memory"
- Joan Stafer, Maggie Valley, NC USA

"Wonderful weekend had by both. Scrumptious food, great service, Happy, Happy, Happy"

"Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing and mouth watering stay. The food was exquisite, the tent divine. We loved the birds, the kangaroos and the penguins. All the best..."
David Smith & Danuta Woronowicz, Edmonton, CANADA

"Paperbark Camp has renewed my soul...I will take my memories back to San Diego and think of my time in the Aussie bush often"
- Sharon Baker, Cardiff By The Sea, San Diego, CA, USA

"Thank you- enjoyed using the canoes and bikes- a wonderful place; would love to come stay again"
- Amy Redmond, Seattle, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful experience- "camping"will never be the same again without your amenities!"
- Carrie, Pennsylvania, USA

"A truly wonderful experience! I'm going to spread the word...to come to Paperbark camp"
- Nancy,NYC, USA

"Thank you for the great hospitality! Excellent cuisine! Wonderful Location!,
The Netherlands

"Perfect combination of nature and comfort- camping for the over 30 set! Wonderfully peaceful and serene with fantastic food and very friendly people..."
Dyann Blaine, San Francisco, CA USA

"Awesome, relaxing and original, loved the food, the service and the natural surroundings. Perfect place/way to celebrate our 1st anniversary. "1" year = paper. Paperbark Camp, a truly unique experience"
Auckland, New Zealand

"Our idea of camping"
- Elaine & Richard, St Johns Newfoundland, CANADA

"Camping was never so luxurious! From the friendly staff, curious possums, delightful night rain to kangaroos in the morning light- I could not imagine anything more wonderful!"
- Jessie & Ana, Santa Monica USA

"What a wonderful place to spend a few days- good food, friendly people and great surroundings. Thank you for making our trip enjoyable"
- Lynn & Bruce Richardson, Petaluma, CA USA

"If this is camping, we want more! Everything was perfect- hospitality, food, wine, tent... Thank you all"